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Friday, November 02, 2018

GL of Scotland: A Different Kind of Grand Lodge Video

Have a look at the video on the website of the Grand Lodge of Scotland's website about the origin of Scottish Freemasonry. Beautifully done, and a great example of thinking outside the box when creating these types of programs. 

Of course, they have a major advantage because, you know... it's Scotland

Scottish hills. History. Tradition. Music. Robert Burns. Rosslyn Chapel. Edinburgh High Street.

And a brogue that everybody else thinks they can imitate.

Watch it HERE.


  1. A wonderful video, well worth screening at lodges.
    If it arouses interest in Robert Burns and his Masonic life, see The Times newspaper story at

  2. Kudos and accolades aside, my only observation from the technical side after multiple viewings is that it badly needs a pair of scissors. It has edits you can drive a truck through, and could be easily cut down to a solid 17 minutes or so.

    That said, it's a truly unique Masonic information video and they did a terrific job scripting, casting, shooting, and scoring.


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