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Saturday, January 20, 2018

John Bizzack Speaking at Indiana's Lodge Vitruvian 1/23

Lodge Vitruvian No. 767 will hold its January Stated Meeting this coming Tuesday, January 23, 2018, at 7:00PM at the Temple of Broad Ripple Lodge, located at 1716 Broad Ripple Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Lodge will open at 7:00PM, and we will hold our traditional officers' installation as part of our usual brief business meeting. 

“In the style of European Lodges, members are expected to dress in tuxedo for all Communications of the Lodge. Members also purchase their own regalia, (apron, collar, gloves, case), according to Lodge Vitruvian specifications.” Visitors' dress should be tuxedo, or business attire.

Our guest speaker for the evening will be Dr. John Bizzack, Past Master of Lexington Lodge No. 1 in Kentucky, and one of the strong voices behind the Rubicon Masonic Society in Lexington. 

John is the author of the outstanding 2017 book, Island Freemasonry, and he will be presenting his topic entitled "Learning What We Didn’t Even Know We Didn’t Know."  He will speak at our Festive Board after we change locations. 

Our Festive Board this month will begin at approximately 8:30PM at:
Sahm's Ale House & Barrel Room
1435 East 86th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240
This is located on the south side of 86th Street in the Monon Center (across from the entrance to Nora Plaza), and next to the Big Lug Canteen. Each attendee will be responsible for the cost of his and their guest’s meal.
Lodge Vitruvian turned 15 years old last May, and we are as strong as ever. So, we must be doing something right. Read about our founding and our philosophy HERE.

(For those of you who have asked, I will have a LIMITED number of Heritage Endures with me for sale at $25. Still waiting for more from the printer.)

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