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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Guard Your Nostrils: Deathly Effluvium For Sale

And then there is the occasional stroke of genius in the marketing world. Submit for your approval this ad from Occult Collections in Illinois on the Etsy online sales platform this week. It at first appears to be a common, run of the mill, Ball Brothers Mason Jar.

Au contraire:

Masonic air taken during a Freemason Meeting
This jar holds within it the very air collected during a a closed door meeting of the Blue Lodge of Master Freemasons of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons.

For over 300 years, the Secret Society known as the Freemasons have been around and included men from many walks of life. They count among their number figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Byzz Aldrin, John Wayne, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and Gerald R. Ford and many others.
Take now with you a part of their solemn secrets in this jar, held tight with their whispers.
I wont ask why you need it if you dont ask how I got it.
A bargain at a paltry CA$38.00 (US$31.40). 

While I applaud the seller for perhaps hitting upon a scheme that could be mined indefinitely for Masonic temple fund raising from the gullible,  I must nevertheless call bogus perfidy with this tactic. It is clear chicanery, as it is not a genuine Ball Brothers "Perfect Mason" jar, as these are. 

Further, mine contain authentic air from the Muncie Masonic Temple, which was built by the Ball Brothers themselves for our secret rites. And these contain the true classic air from the Masonic period, from before the building was, alas, sold off and lost to profanes.

No. No. Mine are not for sale. At ANY price.

H/T: 1dle-prince and the Redditors

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