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Friday, December 02, 2016

House of the Temple In Lego

Illus. Brent Morris passed along the news that the Scottish Rite SJ's Washington DC headquarters, the House of the Temple, has now been immortalized as a Lego project. Designed and constructed by a hobbyist known online as "Plandscape88," it is being featured on the official Lego Ideas website.

Given the obvious limitations of the medium, there is a remarkable amount of detail on the model, right down to a removable roof to display the sooper-secret Temple Room. Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol fans finally get to sort of see the room without the bother of having to actually travel to DC and tour the place in person.

If you have a minute, sign up for a log-in account on the Lego page and hit the "support" voting button over on the right side. If 10,000 folks vote in favor of it, the project will officially be made available as a kit by the Lego folks. Hurry up, though. According to the page, those 10,000 likes must come in before the end of January 2017. As of 2:30PM today, there are just 70.

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  1. Last night, Brother Morris spoke at the Spartanburg Scottish Rite in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and he showed me a picture of this on his phone. How cool?!? His presentation and Q&A was fantastic, but I most enjoyed just chatting with him before dinner. What an inspiration!


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