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Sunday, December 11, 2016

GL of Florida Restores Relations With GL of Cuba: GM Visits

I received this message Sunday evening from Bro. John Karroum out of the Grand Lodge F&AM of Florida:
Yesterday, December 10, history was made. The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida restored Fraternal Relations with the Grand Lodge of Cuba and the First Grand Master of Cuba, Most Respectable Lazaro F. Cuesta Valdes, sat in a Masonic Lodge on Florida Soil in 56 years.
GM Valdes (2015-18) attended the official visit of Florida's Grand Master Stanley L. Hudson to District 34 and 35 in Miami yesterday. 

Despite waxing and waning political constraints, Cuba remains the sole Communist country that retains its own operating grand lodge. It was formed in 1951 from two previously separated ones, eight years before the Castro revolution, and the Gran Logia de Cuba has remained regular in practice.


  1. But no PHA recognition; continue to embarrass the Craft

  2. Regarding PHA recognition. The hand has been extended from the GL of Florida to the PHA GL. The problem is that there exists another PH GL by the name of PHO which is NOT recognized. You need to understand that it takes 2 to dance!

    1. But what does the PHO Grand Lodge have to do with PHA not being recognized. There are PHO Grand Lodges in every state where PHA is currently recognized.

    2. After all those decades of bigotry and exclusion, I don't blame them if they're not willing to just take your hand when you stick it out.

      Maybe an apology might help.

  3. Embarrass the craft is a comment being made out of your own ignorance on this subject. The GL of Florida HAS extended its hand to the PHA GL! There are issues that the PHA GL needs to sort out and they need to extend their hand to the GL of Florida! It is happening!

  4. pho is a spurious body not affilaited with the PHA GL. Perhaps more research should be done on the subject matter. PRINCE HALL GRAND LODGES DO NOT RECOGNIZE PHO LODGES PERIOD THEY ARE CLANDESTINE TO ALL PHA GRAND LODGES. Abraham there is only one legit pha grand lodge in Fl and its the Most worshipful union grand lodge of fl prince hall affilaited.

  5. Interesting, as a proud loyal 'Regular' American Freemason myself, I sometimes think it might be helpful if we American Masons look out over the pond at how some of our other 'Regular' Brethren (in this case our British brethren) regards some of their so-called "Clandestine" or "Spurious" Masonic counterparts.

    Have a look at www.lunchtimers.org/index.html Hit the Masonic tabs and read the short mission statement. Seeing the female Masons dressed in full Masonic regalia in such a serious and dignified way is quite striking.

  6. http://freimaurer-wiki.de/index.php/Kuba

    Hope, you agree


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