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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

New Book on Prince Hall Masonry: 'Landmarks of Our Fathers'

A very important, new book on the subject of the formation of Prince Hall Freemasonry is set to be released next month. Written by Brother John Hairston, a member of Harmony Lodge No. 2 of the MWPHGL of Washington, Landmarks of our Fathers: The Critical Analysis of the Start and Origin of African Lodge No. 1 explores the surviving documents surrounding the formation of Prince Hall's African Lodge No. 1 in Massachusetts, and comes to some new and startling conclusions:

On March 6th, every year, for as long as can be remembered, thousands of Prince Hall Masons, Eastern Stars and Prince Hall Affiliation members around the world fly their banners and post hearty images of pride to celebrate what is called “Founders’ Day” for Prince Hall Freemasonry. March 6th, 1775 is the day the “Immortal 15” were raised as Master Masons in Irish Military Lodge No. 441 in Boston, Massachusetts
Hundreds of books and publications written on the history of Prince Hall and African Lodge No. 459, provide March 6, 1775 as the start date for “African American Freemasonry,” and July 3, 1776, for the organization of African Lodge No. 1. As a grateful Prince Hall Affiliation member, the sacrifices, heritage, and lineage of African Lodge No. 459 should be celebrated. There is only one problem; neither Prince Hall nor any of the brothers associated with the start of African Lodge No. 1 were made Master Masons in 1775, and Irish Military Lodge No. 441 had nothing to do with their initiations or the organization of African Lodge No. 1...

Brother Hairston fully understands the delicate ground he treads, but he is a tireless and extraordinarily detailed and dedicated researcher. For his book, he has searched primary and secondary source material, including microfilm records of African Lodge No. 459, documents in possession of the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Massachusetts, military regimental rosters, troop movement records, and much more, to determine who was where, and when they were there. He has uncovered the odd career of Sgt. John Batt, who is at the center of the story of making Hall and his friends Masons in the first place, and the so-called "permit" given to them to bury their dead and march in processions as members of the fraternity. And he has tracked down the recorded movements, activities and membership records of Military Lodge No. 441, of which Batt has long been presumed to be Master. 

While these records have all existed for more than two centuries, John has assembled all of them together in one place for the first time and answered questions that many earlier researchers have simply glossed over or just plain ignored. With this single book, he has assigned facts to the legend that has been passed down repeatedly by generations, and provided the written record for all to examine. Anyone who is  even remotely interested in researching the history of Prince Hall the man and the Masonry that sprung from his undertakings needs to own this volume.

(Please note: This book is NOT available on Amazon, and must be ordered directly through the author.)

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