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Friday, February 19, 2016

My Friend and Brother Irv Sacks

This is a very sad and personal post today. I received a message late Wednesday night that my friend and Brother Irwin H. Sacks, PM passed away Wednesday.
Irv was a true wonder. At one point he was a member of at least five Indianapolis lodges that I know of, and he was a 50 year member of Monument Lodge #657 (which merged into Centre #23 a few years ago), where he served as Master. He was also a member of Millersville Lodge #126. He served as Treasurer of Broad Ripple Lodge #643 for 10 years, which is where I first met him on the night of my initiation. He even helped a group of us back when we started Lodge Vitruvian #767 in 2002, and we have kept him as a member there ever since. 
Irv was also a 33rd in the Scottish Rite Valley of Indianapolis, where he actively participated in the degrees. His role as Moses in the 14th degree was a legend, and he often said, "I've played every Jew but Jesus.". 
He also served in the Downtown Indianapolis York Rite bodies. I believe he was the only Jewish Eminent Commander of Raper Commandery in modern memory - he once said to me "Of course I'll defend the Christian faith, just as I expect my Christian Brothers to defend my Jewish faith."
Irv didn't get out much in the years since his wonderful wife Sally passed away in 2009, but I chatted regularly with him on Facebook. Until Sally's death, they were both enthusiastic attendees at all of Broad Ripple Lodge's many social events. She was a member of our Order of the Eastern Star chapter until it moved and merged with Millersville's OES.
I learned much from Irv when I first joined the fraternity, and he was always ready to help in any way he could. He was often instrumental in diplomatically settling arguments between excited Brothers. But what I most appreciated in my early days at Ripple was that Irv was usually the first one to enthusiastically support a new young officer's ideas when others wanted to vote them down. I will miss his diplomacy, his wonderful stories, his unflappable good humor, and his caring friendship. My heart goes out to his sons Teddy and Steve, and I will think of Irv often. 
He will be sorely missed by those who knew him.
Irv's visitation will be Monday, February 22nd between 5:30 and 8PM at Aaron Ruben Nelson Mortuary at 11411 Michigan Road in Zionsville. The family has requested a Masonic service, and it will take place at 7:00PM. Centre Lodge is handling the arrangements for the service and I suspect there will be a large turnout. I would recommend Brethren who are participating to put their apron in the car, just in case the Centre Lodge folks run out of plain white funeral aprons.
Friends may leave a message of condolences on the mortuary's website here.


I received a message from Gordon Husk at the Scottish Rite Valley of Indianapolis that after Irv's Masonic service at 7PM on Monday, there will be a 33rd degree white carnation ceremony for Irv.
From Gordon: Illustrious Brothers - If you plan to participate in the white carnation ceremony, please contact me by email at gordon.husk@yahoo.com or cell phone, so we can have a sufficient number of carnations. Thank you.

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  1. My condolences on your loss, both to you and to the Masonic Community.

    I also lost an Irwin recently. Last year, my Masonic Brother Irwin Fershleiser laid down his working tools. Irwin was the brother brought in to be my Masonic mentor, because he was Jewish, as was I. The Lodge was concerned that I be well informed, and that my religious differences be respected.

    We had a 20 year friendship. Irwin was my chaplain when I was in the east.

    I miss my brother, as I know you will miss yours.


    Ed Greenberg
    Mt. Moriah Lodge No 282
    Los Gatos, California


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