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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Queensland, Australia Masonic Lodge Vandalized

Vandalism of Masonic lodges is not isolated to the US. The lodge in Queensland, Australia was hit yesterday by vandals who painted slogans and words on the bricks. In this article by Amy Remelkis she describes the damage, and I didn't appreciate the fact that she went into what one of the words meant. It never ceases in the foreign press.

For photos go to this article in the Brisbane Times here:

Freemasons have been accused of being 'baby killers' and 'terrorists' in a vandal attack on a Queensland Masonic Lodge.The Wynnum Masonic Centre, which was established in Brisbane's bayside in 1894, was targeted by vandals who covered its outer walls in obscenities, upside down crosses and terrorist accusations sometime on Tuesday night.Included among the graffiti was the word 'mabone' which appears to be a reference to 'm…….',  thought to be a "secret word" among freemasons,  meaning the 'Grand Lodge is open'.Freemasons are an international brotherhood society which prides itself on being non-religious and non-political.A spokesman for Queensland Freemasons said the vandal attack was disappointing."There are people in this world who obviously have different standards to the rest of us," he said."We live in an equitable society and it is just unfortunate [this has happened]."Police are investigating.The Wynnum vandal attack follows four Townsville youths making and displaying a racist sign on Tuesday.Premier Campbell Newman called for the community to "come together", but said he didn't believe charges were necessary."This is a democracy, we believe in free speech and I think that in circumstances, a legal approach is the way to go," he said on Tuesday."Again, my message to people is this is a great country, it is a great state – the way it remains a great place is if we all get on. "Let's just get on with our lives, let's live our lives, let's reach out to one another, let's look beyond people's race or religion, as we always have, and then criminals like the deceased [gunman] in Sydney don't win."

H/T to  Alex Ruthman

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