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Sunday, March 30, 2014

GL of Kansas Adopts Background Checks

Michael Halleran, the new Grand Master of Kansas, reports that Kansas adopted a new resolution calling for mandatory background checks of new members at its annual meeting on March 21st. This is after two years of the program being done by edict. The previous two years showed that the program did not scare off potential members or affect membership in any way. This is a welcome change and one that should be adopted nationwide.


  1. Louisiana has been doing background checks for a few years and have not experienced any kickback from potential members.

    David Carroll Jr
    W.M. Plain's Lodge #135 2014

  2. I believe that this is a step in the right direction. Understanding that sometimes we have made mistakes in our past should also be a point for consideration.

    Although a good investigation will help weed out potential thorns, I feel that adding background checks onto the process is great.

    We are at a time when our technology and ability needs to be brought to the lodge and modernize such practices (i.e. websites, background checks, losing lodge land-lines).

  3. This has been the norm in Florida for some time now.


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