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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Man Tries To Burn Down Grand Lodge in Boston

From CBS in Boston:

A man was arrested for allegedly trying to burn down the Masonic Temple Lodge on Tremont Street in Boston Monday night.
Boston Fire officials say the man entered the building and sprayed a liquid onto some furniture and attempted to ignite it. 
He was detained by a security officer and then arrested by Boston Police.The man, who was not identified, will be charged with attempting to burn a place of worship.


  1. I'm glad he was caught and will be prosecuted but "a place of worship"? Hmmm...

    Bro. John Petrich
    Clear Lake Lodge #1417 AF&AM

  2. it's not a place of worship it is a social club,just like a fraternity house

  3. While it is true that we as Master masons never undertake any matter without the benefit of prayer it is hardly a place of worship. And while we are the worlds oldest fraternity it also cannot be compared to a greek house on any campus.

    SMIB, DB, PM - Vero Beach #250

  4. The "place of worship" has been corrected by the Suffolk county DA upon consultation with the Grand Lodge's Legal Counsel.



  5. I used to live in Massachusetts and when I saw the guy had been sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for observation I freaked... Bridgewater is totally an asylum for the criminally insane!!! Brother Masons, we officially have our own Joker to deal with. We now just need to have one of us become the Batman... Who wants it? Anybody?

    B.J. Deverell
    Yantis #382 (TX)

  6. It is possible for some outside the Masonic Order to confuse the Masonic usage of the 'Temple' and 'Lodge' with other non-Masonic Orders which are also based on a Temple and Lodge system similar to Freemasonry, but much different in other ways.

    The following is posted for Masonic education. Notice the word; Worship, used in the following:

    "The Temple-
    The word is derived from the Latin tempos--time. To us, the true Temple of which we hope to be Masters is the body of man, finding its counterpart in the Universe, which is the Temple of G-d. The term Temple is applied to our buildings, devoted to the WORSHIP of G-d and G-d's laws, wherein are Chambers for study, work, and meditation."

    -Rosicrucian Manual, AMORC.-


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