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Saturday, September 01, 2012

August Poll Results: Appendant Bodies

August poll results: If you could join only one appendant body besides your Blue Lodge, what would it be?

Royal Arch
  230 (15%)
Cryptic Council
  33 (2%)
Knights Templar
  317 (20%)
Scottish Rite
  525 (34%)
Allied Masonic Degrees
  49 (3%)
  177 (11%)
  31 (2%)
Order of the Eastern Star
  40 (2%)
Tall Cedars
  10 (0%)
Widows Sons
  56 (3%)
  63 (4%)

Poll closed. Thanks for voting.


  1. This poll was interesting because it may reveal the current American mentality regarding the importance of various Masonic bodies in relation to each other. The Southern and Northern Jurisdictions of the Scottish Rite have been doing a great job with their educational programs and excellent ceremonial work. Also their charitable work on the behalf of all humanity is highly commendable. The genius of our American Scottish Rite is that Albert Pike made sure it would remain a UNIVERSAL SYSYTEM. I am reminded this is not the case in England. Over there, The Ancient and Accepted Rite (our English brethren omit the word "Scottish") is for Trinitarian Christians only and you usually must be invited. This leads me to believe the results of this poll if taken in England would have been much different. I imagine the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch would have the majority of votes in England(it is also the Masonic body I voted for) and not the EXCLUSIVE Ancient and Accepted Rite of England. On 16 October 2013, The Supreme Grand Chapter of England will be celebrating the bi-centenary of The Holy Royal Arch. There will be demonstrations and hopefully we will have some American Masonic delegates in attendance.

    Fraternally, Bro. Johnson, PHP, Tacoma Chapter#4, WA. Irenic Conclave#121, Order of the Secret Monitor(Prince), Mark Mason's Hall, London, England.

  2. I didn't vote as the Masonic bodies here in England that I am aware of weren't included in the list and "Other" would not be very informative. I agree with Bro. Johnson that the Royal Arch would probably be the most popular over here. Mark Masonry has taken a hit lately here because of financial aspects of the running of Mark Masons' Hall so would probably not be as popular. The appendant order that I enjoy most is probably the Operatives, but that would hardly register. As can be seen below, I belong to a number of Masonic bodies, and it is easy to multiply them to the point that one's life is taken over and Masonry becomes an onerous duty rather than a joy. The art of ensuring that one has a life including but not overrun by Masonry is something to which we all should aspire.

    W.Bro Chris Hansen, IPM Goliath Lodge #5595, UGLE
    Goliath Chapter #5595 UGCE
    Euclid Lodge of Installed Masters #7464 UGLE
    Tower Hamlets Lodge of Mark Master Masons #892
    Euclid Lodge of Mark Master Masons #1748
    Northwick Conclave #441, Order of the Secret Monitor (Prince)
    Bentley Priory Assemblage, The Worshipful Society of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Paviors, Plaisterers and Bricklayers, III Degree. (Operatives)
    ...but not speaking for any of these lodges, chapters, conclaves, or assemblages.


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