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Monday, August 11, 2008

Revamp of MasonicDictionary.com

Brother and friend Stephen Dafoe has been a busy lad lately. His new book, The Compasses and the Cross, is due out in September. It comes on the heels of last year's Nobly Born. Coming soon is his four-part Templar comic, Outremer.

This week he took up the project of overhauling his ambitious and endlessly informative online Masonic Dictionary. The project really is what it is billed as: a daily advancement in Masonic education. Stephen is refurbishing close to 700 pages of content, divided into several categories: History, Symbolism, Philosophy, Biographies, Papers and Masonic Book Reviews. An improved search engine has also been installed.

The Papers section contains a Knights of the North project from 2006 that addressed the challenges confronting Freemasonry from A to Z. It is a collaborative sequel to Laudable Pursuit.

Masonic bloggers and websites are encouraged to add the site's link and banner. If you are looking for a research topic or for an item of Masonic Education for your next meeting, stop in and have a look at MasonicDictionary.com

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