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Saturday, August 30, 2008

GL of WV's Motion To Dismiss Denied

On Friday, West Virginia Judge Irene C. Berger denied every point of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia's motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought by Past Grand Master Frank Haas. Since the GL's annual communication is at the end of October, it will be curious to see which comes first.


  1. Excellent. I was happy to read the news of Judge Irene C. Berger's ruling in favor of Past Grand Master Frank Haas.

    It was a "whack-on-the-side-of-the-head" obvious the succeeding GM to Past Grand Master Frank Haas was acting with a spirit of prejudicial retribution with rabid impugnity under the guise of moral outrage. It's sad that any effort to move the brotherhood morally forward would be met head-on by such overt acts of ignorance, let alone that such ignorance could ever gain a foothold in such an honorable organization.

    Robert A. Hunter

  2. All it would take to make this go away is to reinstate PGM Haas to the status of an unaffiliated Mason and let his former lodge give him a Masonic trial.

    Who knows? They might find him guilty and recommend his suspension.

    Unfortunately, the GM of WVa has subverted their own rules by denying Haas a trial within their system. That's all he is asking for. And if Judge Berger finds that their internal rules were violated, it will likely be an expensive lesson in Masonic jurisprudence.

  3. Appears that the Grand Lodge of West Virgina drew first blood in this case. Simply reinstating PGM Haas I would guess would not suffice.

    I cannot speak for PGM Haas but if I were in his shoes --I would fight this all the way in a actual court of law where real justice is possible.


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