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Monday, May 26, 2008

York Rite Doings in Oregon

Brother Jeff over at Lodgical has an interesting post about a new Royal Arch Chapter opening in Roseburg, Oregon, described as a "European Concept" RAM Chapter.

Interesting things are happening on the York Rite front in Oregon. Check out the website for Oregon Commandery No. 1 and the direction they are headed, especially their creation of armorial bearings.

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  1. Chris, thanks for the mention! I believe Mark de Rohan Barondes is responsible for the Armorial Bearings website at http://www.templararms.org/ and I believe he is planning to attend our Meridian meeting this Tuesday. We also have some interesting Blue Lodge endeavors going on. From what I've heard, Research Lodge of Oregon #198 seems to be more active lately than it has been, and we have Esoterika Lodge, U.D. AF&AM of Oregon which was instituted on May 5th, 2007, seems to be patterned after the European Concept as well, and may perhaps receive its Charter at the Grand Lodge session which is upcoming. I'm sure these bodies are the first of many which will start to gradually redefine Masonic culture in Oregon.


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