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Saturday, May 10, 2008

WBro. Theron Dunn Gravely Ill

This evening both Manny Blanco of Moreno Valley Lodge and Adam Kendall in California are reporting that Brother Theron Dunn has been hospitalized with kidney failure. The outlook is so dire that he is in danger of not surviving the weekend.

According to "Prometheus" on the NOS forum:
Theron was in surgery this morning. It was successful but he is in critical condition.

The doctors give him a 48 hour window before they know if he will be okay. In the last 30 minutes his BP has come up. This is a good sign. She is receiving calls and says that all calls and prayers are welcome. She will be up all night to talk to any one who wants to know what is going on. She is also letting everyone know that all who can should come and visit to pay possible last respects.

Pray if you can.

His stepson has reported that an ulcer burst, and he is suffering from septic shock. Theron is on a ventilator, but he has been conscious and knows his family is at his side. The hope is that his blood pressure will rise enough (above 100) to place him on dialysis, but the morphine used to control his pain is currently keeping that blood pressure too low. Visitors are being restricted, as of Friday evening. He is at the Kaiser Medical Center in Riverside, CA.

If praying has given you an inside track with the Grand Architect of the Universe, please say some for our brother tonight.


  1. Br. Chris, thanks for letting us know this. I am deeply saddened to hear this news.

  2. Update this mprning from Brother "Prometheus":

    "Brothers et al,

    I just talked with his daughter.

    He is currently steady. BP is "in the 80's" and pulse
    rate is a steady 124.

    He has been placed in an induced coma and injected
    with a paralyzing medication to prevent any movement.
    According to the doctors he can hear, so family (about
    20 who have visited so far) and a huge assortment of
    local Brothers are talking to him with much

    Doctors will know more today between 9 am and 12 noon

    I have taken the time to read all these posts to his
    daughter so that she may communicate the names,
    thoughts and prayers to her father when she goes into
    his room to talk to him -- which she said she will
    gladly do.

    This shall take at least a month to get through.

    Prayers continue.

  3. This indeed is bad news and my prayers go out to Brother Theron and his family for healing and support.

    G. David Cooksey

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  5. Regretably things have worsened.

    The following is a quote from prometheus:

    "Brothers et al,

    I just received word from Brother Jason Smith who has traveled to the hospital to visit with Brother Theron. Theron's daughter just informed Brother Jason that it appears that Brother Theron will not make it through the night.

    Should you be able to visit, know that this is the time.

    Be aware, he is still in a coma.

    Prayers continue,


    Leo (admin MFOL)

  6. A message from James Dunn at 9PM PT Saturday night reports that Theron's blood pressure has gotten above 100 and his temperature has come down a little. His color has improved.

  7. Is there any update on Bro. Theron's condition?


  8. Theron's daughter Kari reports that he made it through the night. His oxygen saturation level is improved, but his blood pressure fell again and remains too low for dialysis. Apparently, he has been given all of the blood pressure medicine he can take, and it has not come up.

  9. I have no idea if this will help, but if Theron requires a kidney, if he is up to the transpant, and if I am a match, I stand ready and willing to donate.

    Traveling Man

    AKA Don Tansey

  10. Bill McEllicott has set up a guestbook on Theron's website, so brethren can leave him messages. His family will download them and read them to Theron.


  11. My thoughts and prayers are constantly with Theron and his family

    May TGAOTU watch over them all

    Wayne Cowley

  12. The news as of Monday morning is that, according to Jason Smith, Brother Theron's Daughter said that he made it through a third night. He is on dialysis, oxygen saturation is about 80, BP is still low but he is maintaining life at this point.

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  14. Brethren, What an honor it is for me to call you "Brother." Thank you for the support you have shown Bro. Theron and his family. I feel in my heart that with the love and prayers as well as Theron's will to live he will get well. His family have not left him alone for a moment. They are there around the clock. They are caring and wonderful people. Today the docs stopped the paralyzing medication and are in hopes that he will react soon. The family appreciates all the support the Brethren have shown. My Brothes at this point we all need to pray for Bro. Theron and the family. I will visit him tomorrow and try to let you kknow how things are progressing. Thank you all so much.

    S & F,
    Manny Blanco,PM
    Grand Lodge of California

  15. I wanted to add that Bro. Theron's family have read him many of your posts and well wishes. They spend hours talking to him. This good people have touched our hearts by the way they care for Bro. Theron, talk to him and stay by his side. I hope my Brethren to have good news for you soon. I am told that Bro. Theron hears what we are saying.

    S & F,

  16. drkappaz said...
    Please let Theron know that his friends in Saudi Arabia are praying for his recovery. We are thinking about him everyday and checking on his condition.

    Philip Kappaz, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

    Will do just that. I will be going there this afternoon. Thank you

    Manny Blanco,PM

  17. Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery, Wor. Bro. Dunn.

    May the Supreme Architect of the Universe be slow to open the door to the Celestial Lodge above.

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  19. It has been brought to my attention that I do not have the right to call myself a brother at this time. I still would like to say that my sympathy goes out to Mr.Dunn and his family.

  20. Sorry my friend, though we have disagreed much it is sad to know you have passed.



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