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Friday, May 09, 2008

Mister Bobo, the Masonic Dyna-Monkey

From the Shirt-Woot website.

The occult scientists in the Masonic Labs thought they were perfecting the ultimate soldier for Freemasonry, a chimpanzee who would carry out any mission against the enemies of the Masons (the Internation Scrabble Federation, the Girl Scouts, the NRA, and especially those stuck-up Rosicrucians). But while the radiation enhanced Bobo’s physical and mental abilities to superchimp levels, it did not render him docile. To the contrary. He mastered the secret mysteries in about half an hour, and now sits upon the Masonic Throne. And the covert global network of Fremasonry, all the power amassed through the centuries, will now be an instrument of mankind’s ultimate downfall at the hands of our chimpanzee cousins. Tremble, humanity!

I especially like the PM jewel, made from a banana.


  1. Scrabble?! The Scrabble Club rents the Masonic Hall in Vancouver. Who would have known they're arch villains?

    I see the monkey is only a FC. Or doesn't it work that way with bananas?

  2. When this shirt came up on www.woot.com, I had to have it! It just arrived this morning and I can't wait to wear it to Lodge.

    BTW, in California, he would be a Fellowcraft-Past Master. In California PM's have an arc without the Square.

    Mark R. Sandstrom, PM
    Covina Lodge #334, Covina, CA
    RIDGM, Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of California

  3. Shirt is still available for purchase:



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