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Friday, September 14, 2007

Let There Be Light

Just a little local news that makes me very happy.

Indiana Freemasons' Hall has been an anonymous building on the Indianapolis skyline for almost 100 years. Every day thousands drive past it, never giving the place a second glance. Admittedly, it's right across from its more popular, gorgeous, super-model big sister, the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Well, Wednesday night, the old girl stepped out of the shadows.

The Indianapolis Masonic Temple Board has installed new LED light fixtures to highlight its architecture and make the Temple pop out of the dark city sky. As Masons, we're all partial to blue, but they can be programmed for any color, since each unit has red, blue and green lenses like a TV pixel. Many, many thanks to Brother Denny Sheets and Barth Electric for all of their hard work in making this project come alive.

This year has signalled a major turnaround for the Temple, and I am proud to be a part of it. This is the first, big, noticable change.

It's not the last.

We're just getting started.


  1. That looks really sharp!

    I wish I lived close enough to see it.

  2. Okay, a slight glitch in the programming control box. I was driving home from a Commandery dinner tonight and went by to take my own photos. The control box had completely lost its mind and turned it into a...


    Could be a steep learning curve.


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