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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Initiated Eye Review

Nice review of the Initiated Eye exhibit in San Francisco by Matt Sussman in today's San Francisco Bay Guardian. Have a look.

Note to Adam - you guys need a website to promote the museum and library. The link from the auditorium teases but only frustrates.


  1. Adam here:

    A website has been on my list for sometime. However, being one man, it has been something I've only been able to contemplate and not do.

    Wanna help? :)

    On the review, I'm happy for the publicity but a bit irritated that the reviewer has obviously not been to the exhibit. We do not have, nor have we ever, had Washington's "coffin straps" on display (or in our possession) to creep the reviewer out. Nor do we have pyramid-capped Swiss watches (I do have a good collection of Dudley pocket watches in my archives, however).

    I sent them a list of the artifacts, but again the press leans toward the fantastical. This is not a bad thing because it may give us a draw, but seeing that there are no creepy coffin straps that subdued the lid of Washington's moldering coffin, I feel that the review's hyperbole will cause more disappointment than anything else--not that what I actually have on display is less interesting than pyramid watches and presidential funerary chotchke.

    S. & F.,

    Adam G. Kendall, P.M.
    Curator of Collections
    Henry Wilson Coil Library & Museum of Freemasonry
    Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of California

  2. Dammit. I wanted to see those coffin straps!

    Hold it. Are you telling me that George Washington was a Mason?!


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