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Friday, September 14, 2007

I See An Evil Secret Society In Your Future!

It is apropos of nothing, I suppose, for me to be slightly appalled that the Number 3 non-fiction book today on Amazon, right after Laura Ingraham's Power To The People, and O.J. Simpson's "If I Did It" is the abominable Sylvia Browne's "Secret Societies...And How They Affect Our Lives Today." No, I'm not going to link to her.

Not since Pat Robertson's hoary screed, New World Order, has there been such a drivel-laden best-seller. Here's how it is being pimped:
Fresh from the success of her book Secrets & Mysteries of the World, Sylvia Browne now writes about the clandestine world of secret societies. Sylvia’s research, combined with her amazing communication with her spirit guide Francine, has uncovered the fact that many secret societies affect the lives of each of us every day . . . whether it be in the areas of religion, politics, economy, government, crime, or other worldwide influences. She shares her knowledge of the conspiracies, coverups, long-held secrets, misinformation, and power manipulations of secret societies in both the past and present and how they can affect us today and in the future.
From the mysterious secrets of the Knights Templar to the powerful secret societies of the modern age, Sylvia takes us on an amazing journey to explore and unearth the truth. She discusses the amazing influence of the Freemasons on our Founding Fathers, the influence of religion on earth-shaking secrets and terrorism, the agenda of powerful secret societies for a “New World Order,” and much more.
Sylvia explores it all, and even gives us information on a powerful secret society that no one has even heard about. So lock your windows and doors and read about these societies and their secrets . . . some will really raise the hair on your neck!

Eeeny beany, chili beany, the spirits are about to speak.

A powerful secret society that no one has even heard about??!! Saints preserve us! Run for your lives!

Sylvia may be lashing out about "secret societies" because the heat is on over her own cult-like organization. And of course, not content to be just a big money version of a carnival sideshow psychic act, Sylvia has her own religion as well.

Imagine that.


  1. It can't be a real secret society if everyone knows about it.


  2. Is it me, or does the line
    "combined with her amazing communication with her spirit guide Francine, has uncovered the fact that many secret societies"
    not resonate as nutball?

    Me and my invisible friend are gonna tell ya whats what. But maybe thats the fine print.

  3. I hear "Francine," all I can think of is Divine as Francine Fishpaw in John Waters' Polyester. Maybe it's just me.

    It sure looks like in that photo she's telling a whopper "about this long."

  4. Another nutcase gets some press. "Is it too much, dear friends?" Glad you didn't link her.

  5. "A powerful secret society that no one has even heard about??!!"

    How convenient! Since no one has heard of it, then no one can call BS on her.

    This will, of course, lead to future anti-secret society works that will reveal more information about this previously unheard of group and link it into the world-wide conspiracy of secret societies who conspire against us.

  6. "A powerful secret society that no one has even heard about".

    So the society, since no one has even heard about it, possibly can't have any members. I wouldn't join an organization I haven't even heard about. Would you? And, if it hasn't any members, can it still be called a "society"? "Tres faciunt collegium", as I remember from my academic days ...


  7. Membership, Membership, Membership. It's all about numbers to you.

    I wonder if they have a fish fry?

  8. Hello. Just wanted to let you know that they are a cult and some members do rituals that are satanic in nature. I was abused by them and I have no idea why I am still alive to tell the tale. Maybe its because I have kept my mouth shut form many years. They don't tell you about the abuse to people because if you knew they could not continue their rituals to gain power. It is evil and I know from first hand.

  9. I'm confused.

    Who's a dangerous cult?

    The Freemasons, Sylvia Browne's organization, or her mysterious, unnamed Super-duper secret society that no one else has ever heard of?

  10. She's probably married to or has Freemasons in her family. She's just regurgitating info... or she herself is one.


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