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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Brother Michael Poll, Masonic author and the landlord of the Lost Word website has been hard at work making additions and improvements to his online store. I looked around the new LostWord website with interest, because a modern American Freemason cannot have enough Masonic bling, pelf, swag and stuff.

It is a regular comment around my brethren at Broad Ripple Lodge that my portrayal of a certain rough character in the 3rd degree bears an uncanny vocal cadence and resemblance to William Shatner. I, of course, don't hear it myself.

So I'm rooting around Mike's expanded website and came across the costume section. And what do I spot, but a costume for certain rough characters. Tell me that's not William Shatner.


  1. All you need is a ripped yellow tunic and a phaser and you'll all set.

    The original phasers had only a stun/kill binary setting, but by the Deep Space 9 models apparently have stun, kill, and setting maul as available choices.

    I assume the other two ruffians are wearing red security/engineering uniforms and that they are disintegrated in the clefts of the adjacent rocks by the Gorn following MEKS's decree.

    Hmmm... Star Trek and Freemasonry... I smell a book here.

  2. LOL!

    As it happens, my other lodge has a regular who sounds awfully like Scotty. If the two of you could get together, you'd have to find a Russian character and have yourselves a Trek degree team!


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