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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Freemasonry's Message Goes Unseen Daily

"Freemasonry Builds Its Temples Among The Nations and In The Hearts of Men."

The audience for Jimmy Kimmel's show in LA pass under the message of Freemasonry every single night. How many look up to see it?

I drove past it twice a week when I lived in LA for 5 solid years, and I never saw it.


  1. If it be not seen in stone, then let it be seen in the deportment of every Brother. Then our message will not go unseen among the profane.

  2. Worse yet is that Hollywood lodge no longer uses the building.

  3. I am a Filipino Mason. I toured LA last May 2007. I lived just a stone throw away from the huge Scottish Rite Temple along Wilshire. We had a walking tour along the area and saw a familiar sight - columns, then immediately this phrase caught my eye.

    Unfortunately, the Lodge sold the Temple...but it is good that they maintain this as a venue. That way, the weary traveller can marvel upon the edifice and recollect on the rich and majestic history the Craft had in the region...eventhough the everyday passersby can't even get a hint.

    Bro. Ronald A. Duque
    Zosimo Montemayor Lodge No. 212, F&AM
    Bukidnon, Philippines


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