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Monday, January 16, 2017

Ocean Lodge 89 in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Back in March 2013, I made a whirlwind trip through New York and New Jersey, speaking at three lodges and the Scottish Rite in Bordentown, NJ. One of those lodges was Ocean Lodge 89 in Spring Lake Heights, NJ. Because of the craziness of the evening, I didn't get a chance to take any photos while I was there, and I always regretted that, because it was one of the most strikingly beautiful lodge rooms I've visited. Memory has faded, but I recall that the Master that evening told me that the lodge room was recently remodeled and redecorated by a group of very dedicated brethren, and their hard work showed. 

Fortunately, a brother has posted some photos on Imgur that show the loving care Ocean lodge's members have taken in their building. See them HERE.

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  1. Dear Brother Hodapp, Thank you for sharing the pictures of our Lodge. We are very proud of the hard work and due diligence of our Brothers repairing, remodeling, and maintaining our Lodge. We would welcome you and any Brothers to visit Ocean Lodge #89 any time you are in New Jersey. Since your last visit we have remodeled and are near completion, of our Fellowship Hall. Sincerely, DB Dieter Franiok, Marshall, Ocean Lodge #89, Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey


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