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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Levant Preceptory at Indiana York Rite Class This Sunday 1/28

Levant Preceptory will present the of the Order of the Temple at Angola Lodge No. 236 in Angola, Indiana this Saturday, January 28th, 2017 for the Grand Master's York Rite Class.

Here is the schedule for the day's events:

Saturday, January 28, 2017
Grand Master’s York Rite Class for Indiana

08:00 AM Registration and Coffee
09:00 AM Royal Arch Degree
10:45 AM Royal Master Degree
11:30 AM Select Master Degree
12:00 PM Lunch 
  1:00 PM Order of the Red Cross 
  1:45 PM Order of Malta (Short Form)
  2:30 PM Order of the Temple

Angola Masonic Lodge
35 S. Public Square
Angola, IN 46703-1926

Driving Directions

Mike Anderson  

Levant Preceptory technically operates under the existing Charter of Raper Commandery No. 1 by authority of both the Grand Commandery of Indiana and the Grand Encampment of the United States, but we draw our volunteer Knights from all over Indiana, and occasionally even surrounding states. We are dedicated to excellence in the performance of the ritual and Indiana's tactics for the conferral of the Order of Temple, in a manner that will have the greatest emotional impact upon the aspirant. We have been invited to perform throughout Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.
We have no dues or formal structure, aside from choosing our Director of Work and our experienced inspector from within our active ranks. Our fellow Knights are, however, required to provide their own period equipment, which is available from several online resources. We can provide that supply information for you upon request. But far more important, our members are expected to learn their parts to perfection in word, and meaningful, powerful delivery. We adhere to proper Indiana tactics. 
Other groups are appearing all over the country attempting to recreate our success and impact on aspirants by simply buying period costumes. Anybody can buy clothes and props. That is NOT the key to what we do, and never has been since we began in 2007. Costumes are mere stagecraft, and if all a group does is dress differently, but still muddles through degree conferrals, it has achieved nothing meaningful. The true key is setting a consistantly high standard of excellence that will not be compromised, which is why we attract the very best Templar ritualists in the state - some of whom who might have otherwise departed their Commanderies in disappointment. 

If you are committed to that excellence as well, consider taking part in our activities.

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