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Friday, January 13, 2017

John Nagy to Speak at Dwight L Smith LOR Saturday 1/14

If you are in proximity to Indianapolis tomorrow, we are well aware of the traditional January "End O' the World" weather predictions that always seem to happen long about now. Yes, we know, this time, freezing rain is predicted across the state in wildly varying guesses. Despite that, this is just a reminder that Indiana's Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research U.D. will hold it's first 2017 meeting tomorrow, Saturday January 14th at 3PM, following the close of the Grand Lodge of Indiana's annual Founder's Day gathering. 

Just remember, our Founders got to Madison. From places like Vincennes. In January. On horseback. Before roads were built. 

Don't drive in anything truly dangerous, but the meeting is certainly going to be well worth venturing out for - especially since the City is starting the salt trucks before midnight tonight.

The meeting will take place on the second floor of Indiana Freemason Hall located at 525 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.

The speaker will be Bro. "Coach" John S. Nagy, who will present The Craft Unmasked (based on his book of that name):
The Society of Free & Accepted Masons, which is better known to the world as The Freemasons, has been in existence for nearly three centuries. Since their official public beginning, they have spread their Craft to every country on the face of the earth, except for within those territories whose suspicious governments outlaw them. Society members include some of the most powerful men of their time. Yet, most do not know what the origin of the organization truly is or how to accurately describe what its members do.
By applying Masonic forensics to existing Craft evidence, Brother John S. Nagy carefully fossicked through and found long ignored Craft Light. His findings lift away the many masterfully placed masks that have concealed Masonry’s true origin since it first became known to the public.
Through his work, The Craft UNMASKED! - The UNCOMMON ORIGIN of FREEMASONRY and its PRACTICE, John invites you into the cleverly hidden world of Freemasonry and reveals the origin of the Society and what its true Craft is. It is history of which even its members remain blissfully unaware, that is, until now.
The Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research is a special purpose lodge under dispensation, created by the Grand Lodge of Indiana, F. & A. M., for the purpose of furthering research and interest in the history, customs, and societal impact of the Masonic Fraternity. Our mandate is to study these areas from a worldwide perspective, but with a particular emphasis on how they have impacted the lives of Masons, their families, and the general public in the State of Indiana. From time to time, the Lodge publishes Perlustration, a compendium of its proceedings.

We welcome all Indiana Freemasons with an interest in research to join the Lodge (dues is a paltry $15) and to submit papers for its consideration.

NOTE: Here's a link to the area weather. As of 2PM Friday, they're saying chance for freezing rain here remains very low until Sunday afternoon, and then only 50%.

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