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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Jersey Masons' Mannequin Challenge Video

English brethren on the Isle of Jersey step up for this Mannequin Challenge video for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Jersey. Nicely done, gents.

The mannequin challenge is a pretty recent internet phenomenon, so it's nice to see Freemasons publicly doing something up to date in terms of fads for once in our collective lives. (It's sort of a no-budget variation of the bullet sequences in the Matrix movies.)

I do notice there's an awful lot of dark blue in this lineup for such a tiny place. You guys just have too much grand rank floating around for me to be totally comfortable.😉*

(BTW, half of my Brother Masons here in the U.S. will shriek in terror when they see a full scale bar downstairs. Can we please get over this?)

*This is officially the first time I have used an emoji in the history of this blog site. Not that I intend to make it a habit. However, I did notice this morning that Google has made some new and VERY welcome tweaks to the Blogger composition tools, including a blessed "remove formatting" button that will make my life much easier from here on. This is only of any interest whatsoever to others who use this free service as I do, but nevertheless, thank you to the great Google gods, wherever they are.


  1. Thanks for this post, Chris. Really enjoyed it. Our English Jersey brethren did a good job. Also nice to see they were not too shy to use the song, "Black Beatles" by hip hop duo Rae Stremmurd. As for the bar downstairs, I agree, American Masons need to "get over" it and cause Junior Wardens to do their jobs.💂🎅

  2. I've used the remove formatting option for ages. Sometimes when copying and pasting from a website into the blogger text editor some things remain (looking at you, Wikipedia with your ever present white background). Anyway, it's a good tool.

    As to your post, I've never heard of the mannequin challenge before, but I'm seriously impressed by this video.

    And I'll second what Thomas Johnson said about the bar.

  3. I love how the song is completely despicable and about drugs, strippers and disrespecting women.... way to keep it classy, right? Idiots. Should be ashamed of yourself.

  4. There is a CLEAN version (instrumental only) posted on YouTube. Hope that helps. Happy holidays everyone!


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