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Sunday, July 03, 2016

GL of Massachusetts New Video

Over the years, the Freemasons of Massachusetts have consistently invested in making evocative and inspiring videos to reach out to potential new petitioners - going back to the Benjamin Franklin commercials and videos back in the aftermath of National Treasure's release. Their latest contribution (above) is no exception, and grand lodges all across the U.S. should take note. It is well written, well shot and edited. And it's very low key.


  1. Nice video. For reasons known to all Regular Master Masons, the idea of "Friendship" is vitally important in our individual lives, communities, and society at large.

    Every man (and woman) should have at least one person in their life who they consider to be a true friend. A "from my heart to yours" kind of relationship.

    I have met people who told me they had associates, co-workers and family members, but no one they considered a true friend.

  2. Enjoyed the video very much. Great Job!

  3. Outstanding presentation. Hits at the core of what Masonry is all about. This needs to be shared to a greater audience.

  4. Great video, well done and the point was well taken. Again Thanks for sharing!


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