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Thursday, June 30, 2016

RW William Logan, DGM of South Carolina Passes

Brother Moises Gomez from New Jersey reported the following tragic news out of South Carolina last night:
Brethren, it's with a sad and heavy heart, that I announce that RW William R. Logan, Jr Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina pasted away last evening. He was diagnosed with bone cancer last October. Brother Bill was a great, gentle and a wonderful person. I first met him back in 2009 during AMD week, and we continued to have a wonderful relationship together. He was only nine months away from becoming Grand Master, after serving seven years in the elected line. 
He was a frequent visitor here in New Jersey, and was an Honorary member of Atlas Pythagoras Lodge No. 10. His mother lodge was Matthews Lodge No. 358. He was also a past Grand Master of the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees of the USA. I was very fortunate and honored to have known RW Bill as brother and friend, and I thank the Lord for the time we spent together in fellowship and brotherly love. 
South Carolina and Freemasonry lost a true champion and a wonderful brother, person and friend.
His column is broken, and his brethren mourn.  

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