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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Cornerstone Book Publishers

Brother Michael Poll at Conerstone Book Publishing posted this message today on Facebook:
Attention lodges, research lodges and book sellers:
Cornerstone has some new books that may be of interest to you! Lodges are often in need of good Masonic books for new Masons or new lodge officers, and we can help. Research lodges often provide members with quality books while earning a fair profit for their organization. Book sellers are the primary outlet for quality books. Cornerstone will offer all distributors or sellers of Cornerstone books a 40% discount off the retail prices for bulk orders. Write us for more details: info@cornerstonepublishers.com
Another section of the site says that he will give a substantial discount for purchases of a minimum of five copies of a title.  Most mainstream publishers require minimums of ten  copies of a given title before giving a major price break. And that is something that faceless Amazon will not do, no matter how many copies you buy.
Michael has a unique lineup of both old and new titles, and if you are especially interested in the Scottish Rite SJ, he  has also a large section dedicated to its history, development, philosophy, and symbolism. In the case of older books, Michael has them re-typeset and paper-bound to provide new copies that are usually more affordable than seeking out old editions. He also publishes new works, if you are a budding Masonic author. 
To see Cornerstone's extensive list of books available, visit their website HERE.

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