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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Masonic Society Names fellows and officers

The Masonic Society held its annual Board meeting at Masonic Week in Alexandria, Virginia on February 10th, and is proud to announce the following brethren as the Fellows for 2012:

Ron Blaisdell
Cliff Porter
James R. Dillman
Mark G. Robbins
Paul Newhall

Fellows are named by the Board in recognition of their contribution to the body of knowledge of the fraternity, through their writing, their Internet work, their service to the Society, or other labors for Freemasonry. Congratulations to these hard working brethren!

The following officers were elected for 2012:

President - John R. “Bo” Cline
1st Vice President – James R. Dillman
2nd Vice President – John Palmer

Many thanks to Michael Poll for serving as President for 2010 and 2011. Mike did an outstanding job as the Society's second president, and we are deeply appreciative for his hard work and dedication.

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