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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Update on Georgia

It is my understanding that Brothers Victor Marshall and Zeithlin Waters of Gate City Lodge No. 2 in Georgia who were blackballed at the Scottish Rite in Atlanta had their ballot "healed" by the Sovereign Grand Inspector General, and that they completed their 32nd degree conferrals today. An injustice has been put right, and all of the brethren who made this turnaround possible are to be commended for their actions.

Congratulations to Brothers Marshall and Waters—but most important— to ALL of the newest Masters of the Royal Secret in Georgia who received their degrees today. Let's hope more than only an unjust vote was placed on the path to healing.


  1. Glad to see that was fixed!

  2. While it is good that they were healed by the SGIG, that doesn't really address the serious flaw that was brought to light by this issue.

    How is it that legitimate charges can brought for violations of the "moral law" in raising a "non-white" man?

    How is this defect going to be remedied?


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