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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shriners Seek Photos From Past

The Shriners are looking for photos to document their history for their anniversary next year:

Shriners International is in search of historic Shriner photographs, film and video to help promote our anniversary year in 2012. We encourage you to explore your temple's archives, storage room or even the attic of your home to see what treasures you might discover. Our greatest need is for photos from 1872 - 1962.

We prefer that photographs be submitted electronically to aflenghi@shrinenet.org. If you have a large number of photos, please be sure to e-mail them in a compressed folder. If you choose to physically mail your photos or a photo CD, send them to Shriners International Headquarters, Attention: Amanda Flenghi, 2900 Rocky Point Drive, Tampa, FL 33607. Please note that we will not be able to return photos to you. By submitting photographs, you acknowledge that you or your temple are the owner and that you consent to the reproduction or use of the images by Shriners International Headquarters.

For film or video, please e-mail aflenghi@shrinenet.org. In your e-mail please describe the content, the year it was recorded and the format of the film or video.

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