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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Red Cross of Constantine

I had the distinct honor today of receiving the first order of the Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine in St. James Conclave in Indianapolis, at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Congratulations to my friends Nathan Brindle, Jerry Collins and Gary Brinley who joined me as Knight Companions. It was a special occasion especially to have my friend and Brother Roger S. Van Gorden confer the degree. Roger was my first contact with Masonry in Indiana when I sought membership, and he entrusted me as his Senior Warden after just two years in the fraternity. Nathan and I joined our lodge together, and these two fine gentlemen have walked with me in nearly every avenue of my Masonic life since 1998. Thanks to you both (and to all of the brethren at St. James Conclave) for a memorable day.

LtR: Gary Brinley, Rodney Mann, Nathan Brindle, me, Roger Van Gorden. Photo by Patti Van Gorden


  1. Congrats Knight Companion.


    John Liley MWGM of Utah
    Bonneville Conclave RCC of Utah

  2. Congratulations Worshipful Brother Hodapp,

    As a newly entered brother fellowcraft, the writing you have done has helped me enter into my own life of masonry. Thank you for everything you have done, you definitely deserve this type of honor!

    Congratulations again,

    Firmly and Steadfastly,

    Brother John Byrnes, Fellow of the Craft
    Ancient Landmark #5, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  3. I also congratulate you, Knight Companion,
    In Faith Unity and Zeal,
    Jay Cole Simser,
    Intendent General
    Division of Iowa


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