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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Masonic Conspiracy No Excuse For Tax Evasion

I always knew something *funny* was going on in British Columbia. From the CTV British Columbia website, "Freemason conspiracy no excuse for dodging taxes" by Bethany Lindsay.

A former dentist who says her trial on income tax evasion was fixed by a shadowy conspiracy of Freemasons and Jews has lost her latest bid to get out of paying a quarter-million dollar fine.

Vancouver Dr. Eva Notburga Marita Sydel was convicted of tax evasion four years ago for failing to report a whopping $750,000 in income. She was fined $244,447 and sentenced to jail for 18 months.

Although she served out her jail sentence, Sydel has yet to pay any of the fines.

She filed an appeal of her conviction in 2007, but abandoned it the next year.

In her latest in a long series of appearances in B.C. courtrooms, Sydel petitioned to renew her appeal, claiming that she has found new evidence that provincial court Judge Paul Meyers, a Jew, had discriminated against because she is German by descent.

Acting as her own lawyer, she also argued that Meyers was part of a conspiracy of Freemasons -- an international fraternal organization dating back to the 1600s. Conspiracy theorists often claim that the "invisible empire" of Freemasons has quietly controlled governments and economies worldwide for centuries -- if not millennia.

Sydel claimed that Meyers and the chief investigator for the Canada Revenue Agency used secret Freemason sign language during her trial to communicate with each other and ensure she was convicted.

She also pointed out that Vancouver telephone numbers for the federal government all contain the digits 666 -- the so-called Satanic "sign of the beast," and a number said to be associated with Freemasonry.

In her affidavit, Sydel wrote that "Freemasonry is now completely in control of the Government of British Columbia, which controls the selection of the judges in the provincial court of British Columbia and controls the administration of the provincial court, the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in British Columbia."

However, she did not present any evidence that anyone involved in her trial was a member of the Freemasons.


  1. "However, she did not present any evidence that anyone involved in her trial was a member of the Freemasons."

    My favorite line in the entire spiel.

  2. I've always rather liked that courts care about evidence.


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