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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lodge Carpets

Brother Loyd Caldwell, PM and Secretary of Dalton Lodge in Dalton, Georgia has for several years offered a unique visual aid for the "Winding Staircase Lecture" that appears in most US Fellow Craft rituals (Pennsylvania brethren will be asking "What winding staircase lecture?"). It is a 6' x 9' custom carpet with the proper visual cues for each step.

I haven't seen one in person, but the photo looks absolutely beautiful.

Check their website at www.masonicstairwayrug.com/

Which brings up another question. Is there a US or Canadian manufacturer of lodge carpets, with a checkered floor, a blazing star and tessellated border? The English companies have beautiful carpets, but the exchange rate and shipping makes them too expensive for most of to comfortably suggest to our lodges.


  1. We have one of these carpets, which is almost identical (if not exactly the same) to the one pictured. I'm in the process of learning the FC lecture, and this rug is a fantastic visual aid, even more so than a slide show, because the lecturer doesn't have to be concerned with timing things along with someone else (or a computer) controlling the slides; instead relying on a consistent picture to aid him in telling his story.

    Br. Michael Cockroft
    Sr. Warden, Minerva Lodge #98
    Miamisburg, Ohio

  2. The Masonic Exchange sells a mosaic carpet at http://www.masonicexchange.com/21/21/852/Product.aspx

  3. Wish I had an answer, Chris. One of my lodges got one from India some years ago (there is no star in the centre). When their Lodge hall laid a proper pavement (albeit blue and white) in their Lodge room, they graciously donated their roll-up carpet to one of my other Lodges.


  4. We have this carpet. It's awesome and I'd highly recommend it.

    Benjamin Morin
    SW, Edgewood Lodge No. 82
    Edgewood, NM

  5. Greetings Brethren! Thank You for the kind comments about my fathers (Lloyd) stairway lecture rug. He has truly enjoyed hearing from all the Lodges who have received their rug. We have discussed making similar carpets for the various degrees. If anyone has artwork that would be appropriate for other degrees please let us know. We can also custom make any type of broadloom carpet to cover the entire lodge room. Feel free to contact me at www.caldwellcarpet.com if you have any carpet needs.

    Doug Caldwell
    Dalton Lodge #105
    Dalton, GA

  6. I can't find a carpet at the site Bro.Chris posted

  7. Well, the post is over six years old, and there's every possibility they stopped making it. Contact them through their website at www.caldwellcarpet.com

  8. Just go to the main URL: http://www.masonicstairwayrug.com/ It'll load properly.

  9. Thanks, Jelle. I have updated the link.

  10. Greetings brethren, this is indeed a wonderful peace and a very useful tool in the presentation of the 357 lecture. I am currently the sitting JD for my Lodge and would definitely suggest this as the one we have is starting to show some wear and tear for all the wonderful years it served the lodge. Nothing like giving the 357 Lecture using this as a guide. I am excited when it is my time to serve as SD and have the privilege of giving this very valuable and memorable lecture.

    Bro. James Trapp
    Gardena Moneta Lodge 372
    Gardena, California


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