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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Incoming Grand Master of India: Women and Co-Masonry In A Decade?

Balaram Biswakumar will be installed this Saturday, November 21st, as the new Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India AF&AM.

From today's Times of India:

In Dan Brown's latest thriller The Lost Symbol', Freemason Mal'akh gazes down the human skull cradled in his palms and looks into the crimson wine before drinking it in long deep, swallows to the last drop. After the installation of Dr B Biswakumar as the grandmaster of Freemasons India on Saturday in Chennai, there will be wine, but champagne flutes will replace human skulls.

If Brown has rekindled curiosity about the age-old secret society' of Freemasons often associated with occult and witchcraft, the latest grandmaster of the fraternity in India is all set to demolish the shields of what he calls non-existent secrecy. For the first time, the installation ceremony will be open to people an invited few other than Freemasons. This, he says in an interview with TOI in his modest clinic in Madaveli, is part of an ongoing trend to slowly open up the fraternity steeped in furtiveness in popular imagination. More radical changes in the all-male community could be in the offing, as he says women Freemasonry and co-Freemasonry could be a reality in a decade.

More about the new Grand Master here.The Hindu Times.

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