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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coming to Bulgarian Bookstores: "The Menace Dan Brown"

Then there are the truly bizarre stories that pop up on occasion that you just blink at and ask the perfectly legitimate question, "Huh?"

Take this story today, about a new book being published in Bulgaria that is sure to take the literary world by storm: "33 -The Menace Dan Brown"

Bulgaria could have lost its chances to become a EU and NATOmember because a Bulgarian PM wanted to ban the masons in this country, shockingly unveils one of the highest standing masons, Dimitar Nedkov, in his novel "33 - The Menace Dan Brown". A mason speaks out for the first time and brings to light secret operations of the Brotherhood. The book is a real thriller. It will be on the market together with The Standart on December 1.

The novel tells how a Bulgarian PM once had a secret plan to put a ban on the Masons, Rotarians, Rosencrucians, Rotary and Lions clubs. During a meeting in his office with the then director of the FBI, the Bulgarian PM asked for a blessing for the ban on the organizations.

Instead of that, the Bulgarian PM received a warning. If Bulgaria wanted to remain a friend of the USA, the Bulgarian
PM had to give up his plan.

Dan Brown doesn't know the whole truth about the lost symbol, but he can discover it in Bulgaria, says Nedkov. Nedkov is the author of four documentary books on the Freemasons. Now the great expert in freemasonry is going to plunge into fiction - for the first time he is writing a novel. In it Nedkov unveils secrets and rituals of the masons, initiation oaths and real events from the life of Bulgarian brotherhood.

The novel starts with a sitting of the Supreme Council of the masons in the USA on Dan Brown and his scandalous novel "The Lost Symbol". There was a special item on the agenda of the sitting whether to permit Dan Brown to publish his book or not.
Dimitar Nedkov's novel will stir great interest, critics believe. In their opinion, there is no other person in Bulgaria who knows more about the role of freemasons in Bulgaria. Nedkov participated in the restoration of the Masonic lodge in Bulgaria after 1989. He is a co-founder of the Supreme Council, 33C of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Dimitar Nedkov is member of the International Academy of the Illuminati in Rome.

Freemasonry returned to Bulgaria in the 1980s, and there has been a schism between two grand lodges. Nedkov is a former Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge AF&AM of Bulgaria. According to the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons of North America's Commission on Recognition, the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria is the most recognized Masonic body in the country, although the Commission has attempted to reconcile the two groups for several years with no result. The 2009 report reads:

Little progress has been made in unifying Freemasonry in Bulgaria, as it continues to function under two Grand Lodge structures, namely the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria (UGLB) and the Grand Lodge AF&AM of Bulgaria (GLAFAMB). Last year, the Commission again strongly encouraged the two Grand Lodges to actively meet and work toward the resolution of their differences. The services of several impartial mediators were offered to facilitate the process. These attempts have not been [accepted]. The UGLB offered to relax the requirements of the “regularization procedure”, but later rescinded the offer. Most members of the GLAFAMB are unwilling to be subjected to the requirements of the procedure as defined. Several options have been offered by the GLAFAMB, but none are seriously being considered. The UGLB states they believe the GLAFAMB is irregular and they therefore cannot communicate with them. After five years of unsuccessfully urging the two organizations to actively pursue avenues of unification, the Commission will not receive any additional presentations from either Grand Lodge until there is substantive evidence of progress in resolving their differences.

As for the "International Academy of the Illuminati in Rome", I have no clue. But then, you know I wouldn't tell you if I did.

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