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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brethren on the Wireless

Even though morning radio's Mancow referred to the Masons during my brief stint with him yesterday as "a bunch of irrelevant, old salesmen," the rest of the radio and TV media has been eagerly hunting down Masons to interview for the last couple of days.

Trevor McKeown on CBC-TV
Most of you have at one time or another accessed the incredible Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon. You may not have known it was the handiwork of Vancouver's Brother Trevor McKeown. He is one of the great unsung heros of Freemasonry on the Internet, and while the BCY site is frequently referenced, cited and ripped off, few know who has done the hard work behind the scenes. Trevor is interviewed briefly by the CBC, in case you've never seen him before. Thanks to Justa Mason for the heads up.

Brent Morris and Jay Kinney on NPR
National Public radio did an interview with Dan Brown, and then followed up aith a story featuring Brent Morris at the House of the Temple, and Jay Kinney, the publisher of the now-defunct Gnosis Magazine, and author of the newly released The Masonic Myth. Have a listen at Secrets of the Masons: It's Not So Secret.

I understand the George Washington Masonic Memorial made the NBC Nightly News Wednesday evening, but haven't found a link to it that worked.

Out of the 23 radio interviews I did yesterday, Doug Miles at WSLR Radio in Tampa/Sarasota sent me a link to our segment, here. Thanks, Doug.

I was bummed I couldn't hang around and hear Mancow's interview after me with Alex Jones.

Well, no I wasn't really.

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