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Friday, September 25, 2009

Thanks to the Brethren of Missouri

Many thanks to the brethren of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, and especially the Missouri Lodge of Research for their great hospitality earlier this week. I had the honor of addressing 200 brethren at the MLOR breakfast Tuesday morning on the subject of the future of the fraternity and the effects The Lost Symbol is already having just one week after its publication.

The MLOR has an enviable heritage. Its publications like William R. Denslow's 10,000 Famous Freemasons are indispensable to the Masonic world. And while there are dozens of research lodges in states across the US, very few can boast membership of more than 900.

I also had the opportunity to tour the Grand Lodge's newly opened museum in Columbia. It is truly one of the finest Masonic museums you will find anywhere. It has been beautifully and professionally presented, and is a model every Masonic group contemplating their own display should take the time to visit. Likewise, they will next turn their resources to installing a new Grand Lodge library, with the same attention to detail. The brethren responsible for the new Grand Lodge building designed for the future, with plenty of space to expand, and the library and museum spaces take up a substantial portion of the facility. Missouri Masons have much to be proud of.

My gratitude goes out to everyone who helped make this a memorable trip, especially Brother Aaron Shoemaker, who was the perfect host. Thanks also to Mike Lockwood, David Bower, RWBros Ron Miller, Dale M. Bryan, John Hess, Nicholas Cichielo, the new WM of of the MLOR Bob Berger, and especially to the now Immediate Past Grand Master, RWBro. Rocky Weaver.

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