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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hodapp in Roanoke 8/15-17

I'll be at the 64th Knights Templar Triennial Conclave from Saturday afternoon 8/15 through Monday 8/17 at the Hotel Roanoke, cheering on my fellow Sir Knights from Raper Commandery No. 1 in the drill team competition, peddling books and taking new applications for the Masonic Society. I'll be in the vendor's area, so be sure to stop by the table and say hello.

There's a rumor a Knight from Indianapolis' Levant Preceptory in full medieval regalia may be roaming around Duane Vaught's hospitality suite in the evenings, if I can still squeeze into my chainmaille.

Then Tuesday we break camp and head to Alexandria and Washington DC for a couple of days, working on a pair of super-secret projects.


  1. I always have such a difficult time imagining "Knights" when I see y'all in those stupid plume thingies. Probably the main reason why I haven't joined that body.

    Yeah, I know that the ladies love it, but still...

  2. "Yeah, I know that the ladies love it, but still..." -Tom Accuosti

    Tom, didn't you know that "those stupid plume thingies" are actually an ancient symbol of verility. The bigger the plume...well, you know!

    I can't wait to get mine!

  3. Well, if you think that the ladies want an ancient, plumed "you know", then I guess this is the group for you.

    Of course, now I'm thinking that the only ladies who might be interested are in OES...

  4. This is my first comment here in this Blog.

    I wanted to comment that I've enjoyed the books "Freemsons for Dummies" and "Conspiracy Theories & Secret Socities for Dummies" immensely.

    I will also be becoming a Brother tonight when I take my Entered Apprentice Obligation at Jerusalem Lodge #506, Philadelphia, PA. Good travels and Light to all of you!

    Oh...on-topic (sorry for straying) I am hoping to wear one of those hats someday when I reach the York Rite and also become a Templar.

  5. First and foremost, congrats and welcome Freddo, you are just beginning an amazing journey,

    Second, Tom, you always have a way of put things in perspective, some strange, slanted perspective. But perspective nonetheless.


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