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Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Cup of Brotherly Love in Evanston, Illinois 5/12

On September 7, 1929, Norman B. Hickox, Master of Events Lodge No. 524, Illinois, formally presented a beautiful silver cup to the lodge, after raising his son as a Master Mason. The Cup of Brotherly Love, as it came to be known, was to be sent on a journey around the world, traveling always from West to East by land sea or air, and always in the custody of a Master Mason. The cup visited more than 150 host lodges as it circled the globe. On May 24, 1958, a homecoming celebration was held at Evans Lodge to commemorate the return of the cup to the lodge.

The Cup of Brotherly Love is still in the hands of Events Lodge No. 524 in Evanston, Illinois. On Tuesday, May 12th, the lodge will have a special evening and public presentation about the Cup and its incredible journey. It will be at Evanston Masonic Temple, 1453 Maple Ave. Evanston, IL Dinner starts at 6:30 p.m. Donation: $10 -Includes Dinner. Please RSVP by May 5th to cupevent@evanslodge524.org or call (312) 505-7550

From the January 1930 issue of "The Builder" magazine:

The "Cup of Brotherly Love" presented to Evans Lodge No. 524, Evanston, Illinois, on September 7th, 1929, A, L. 5929, is a marvelous example of artistic handiwork.

Fashioned of sterling silver, it is heavily over-laid with yellow gold. Interested members of the Craft carefully designed and executed the engravings, which are extremely elaborate and intricate, and which include many interesting features.

At the base of the goblet are found the lily-work, net-work and pomegranates so familiar to all Freemasons. Around the outer lip are inscribed the twelve zodiacal signs, each within its own triple circle, and which together make up the great Celestial Circle.

An added circle of All-seeing Eyes above, and a ring of emblems, including the Square and Compass, below, complete a Grand Circle of three.

Underneath this Grand Ring are a trinity of rings, or circles, forming an upper border for the space above the lily-work, in which may be found many familiar Masonic symbols together with other figures of ancient use and meaning, handed down to us from time immemorial.

Within the lip of the cup and completely encircling it, is engraved in old Anglo-Saxon script, the command, "Drink you from this cup of brotherly love." With this inscription included as a "ring," the piece becomes a "7-ringed cup" such as those of the Legends were encircled.

Conceived in deepest appreciation of the spiritual values in Freemasonry, made of precious metals in which have been wrought the most beautiful designs by highly skilled craftsmen, presented to the brethren as an earthly symbol of lofty ideals impossible of expression in mere words, dedicated to the mothers of all men, and consecrated to the continuance forever of brotherly love and affection between all men, but more especially our brethren in Freemasonry, may this cup ever remind us of our duties to God, our country, our families, our neighbors and ourselves.

With the cup will be carried a book in which a record will be made in each lodge which receives it, the date and details of its coming, and of its being sent on, with any remarks or reflections that the members of the Lodge may wish to make. There is also a letter, addressed to the Craft, which has been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Dutch and Italian. The letter is as follows:


To All and Every our Most Worshipful, Right Worshipful, Worshipful and Loving Brethren of the Most Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons throughout the World to whom this message may come GREETINGS:

Know you that upon the Raising of his son to The Sublime Degree, a Brother has given to the Lodge this marvelously wrought token of Gold and Silver;

Receive from us this Cup, befittingly Dedicated to the Mothers of all Men and Consecrated forever to Brotherly Love and Affection between all Mankind, but more especially our Brethren in Freemasonry;

Drink you, all our Brethren, from this Cup in acceptance of the Fraternal Wishes for your Health, Prosperity and Continuance, of all whose lips have touched its brim;

Inscribe upon its golden surface as you choose, your Name, Time and Place in the endless Circle of Travel, and write upon a Page in the Book such Message as you consider appropriate, Posting to us by mail directly, news of your actions;

Hand on to our Brethren toward the East, Where and Whom as you may Desire, this Symbol of the Glorious and Mystic Tie, giving it Safe Conduct by the Hand of a true and trusted Brother, that it may Completely Encircle the Whole World and Return to us within Seven years, bearing Witness to the Universality of our Beloved Fraternity; Blessed be all you who shall Welcome this Cup of Brotherly Love and Expedite its Travels in Foreign Countries, and may your Names he forever Honored among Masons.

With our Brotherly Love and Affection, The Brethren of Evans Lodge No. 524, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Evanston, Illinois, U. S. A.



  1. I had the opportunity to hear the vivid story of the cup's travels this past Saturday (10/4/09) at the Joliet Masonic Temple. What a great story, and what a great witness to Freemasonry's ability to connect good men across vast lands and oceans! Where else would e.g. a foreign group of people (such as a masonic lodge somewhere on this earth) be able to understand what this cup represents and act upon it so naturally and protective--for its safety as well as the progression of the journey?
    Markus P. Hagmann, JW
    Elwood Lodge No. 919 A.F. & A.M.
    Joliet, Illinois, U.S.A.

  2. Greetings

    I am the curator of the Cup of Brotherly Love and I think this is a great page!

    FYI, contact info has changed for the Cup and we would love to bring it out for presentations! Let me know how to get the contact changes to you.

    The presentation has been re-written and modernized and a book is in the works as well!

    Bro. Bill Wojtas
    Evans Lodge #524

  3. Just send me your contact information and I'll update it.


  4. Chris,

    I noticed that the lodge name in a couple of spots is EVENTS lodge, it should be EVANS.

    Also, the Cup is available for travel and presentations are always possible.

    inquire@evanslodge524.org or evanston.masonic@comcast.net

  5. Fraternal greetings! I met a brother along Mccormick blvd going touhy ave just this afternoon, I saw his plate number with a logo and MM. We acknowledge along the way and said to him, I'm a brother from the Philippines just came by last june 2015. I attended a stated meeting in northwestern Lodge and met the brothers in Glenview lodge during their barbeque. I'm very happy to see a brother of mine along the way. I was raised as a MM Last 2014 prior our migration here in the US. See you soon brethren! May the GAOTU bless you all!


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