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Friday, May 01, 2009

Masonic Music: Freestone's "Temple of Humanity"

Freemasonry and music have long been intertwined. A large section of Anderson's Constitutions featured the lyrics to songs that were sung by the earliest members of the modern fraternity.

A new CD, "The Temple of Humanity" by the Dutch band Freestone, is the latest melding of Masonry and melody. Producer, composer, and Freemason Harm Timmerman wrote the twelve tracks, wrapped around Masonic symbolism, initiation, and mysticism, and even takes a stab at anti-Masons (Masonry Dissected). Vocalist Diederik Huisman, Alex Simu's flute, and the multi-talented Timmerman on guitar, bass and keyboards, have created a concept album with Freemasonry at its core, at times recalling Pink Floyd or Alan Parsons Project discs. At times progressive rock, at other times jazz, it is a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable collection of songs and ideas. These are not just occasional Masonic buzzwords grafted onto rambling studio tracks. They are contemplative lyrics that explore Masonic concepts, along with solid and enjoyable music. "Temple of Humanity" is well worth seeking out.

It can be purchased from Freestone's website, or from iTunes as a download.

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