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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Alice and I are in Paris this week, then on to Edinburgh for the International Conference on the History of Freemasonry.

So far, Alice has cracked her laptop screen, I got in a fight with a waiter over being served Whiskas en croûte (if you're going to serve me cat food, at least don't burn the crust to a crisp), and we're both doubled over this afternoon after having mistakenly purchased mineral water with a "micro-dose" of Magnesia and drinking it all day yesterday (what marketing genius thought up THIS stupid product?). Trying to wash it out of our systems now with copious amounts of St. Julien bordeaux.

Saturday, I picked up a wonderful print of the Knights Templar tower in 1793 shortly before it was torn down, and a porcelain Limoges Masonic box. Almost made up for the dinner.

Yes, I know. If you want home cooking, stay home.

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  1. Chris, I am sorry that you and Lady Alice have been feeling badly. You have my best wishes for a quick and full recovery for the both of you. Enjoy the conference. --Mark


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