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Sunday, February 01, 2009

San Antonio & Perfect Union Lodge No. 10

It's madness at Hodapphäus. A flight to Naples, Florida to surprise the bejeebers out of my mother for her birthday (carefully balancing the shouting of "SURPRISE!" somewhere between hearing loss and heart attack). Two quarterly meetings were snowed out upon our return, including Lodge Vitruvian's Robbie Burns Night, dammit. Global warming, indeed.

Then off for three days to San Antonio, Texas speaking to the brethren of Perfect Union Lodge No. 10 for their annual Past Masters' dinner. Many thanks to WM Brett Doyle and especially to Brother Richard Vickery, who arranged the trip and was the perfect guide and host. Brother Vick has posted his own very kind remarks about the weekend here. Although I must admit that being called the Suze Orman of the Masonic world is a first, I now understand why people on the street often mistake her for me.

Perfect Union Lodge #10 is one of several that meet in the beautiful Scottish Rite Cathedral, just three blocks from the Alamo, and is one of the most visually stunning lodge rooms I've seen.

I'd never spent much time in San Antonio before (a rainy Sunday about 20 years ago, as my brother in law pointed out of the car, "Look, there's the Alamo, there's River Walk. Let's get back. The game starts at 2:00.") The brethren of Perfect Union put me up at the very famous 1859 Menger Hotel, where Teddy Roosevelt burst into the bar and got the boys liquored up, and the next thing they knew, they were rough-riding it to Cuba. I lucked into the monthly Saturday Fiesta, and the whole area around the hotel and the Alamo was turned into a marketplace with music, food, longhorn steer rides for the toddlers, and literally hundreds of people having a great day. It would be hard to have a more perfect trip.

Again, my deepest thanks to everyone who came out for the dinner on Saturday, and especially to WM Doyle, Brother Vick and his wife Rebecca for their hospitality and their friendship.

Vick, me, and WBro. Doyle.

Off to Alaska! Then Masonic Week in DC!

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