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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Masonic Week Arrival

Arrived in Alexandria at the Hilton Mark Center for Masonic Week 2009. The Masonic Society's first Executive Committee meeting was last night, and we are fortunate to have Roger Van Gorden, Ron Martin, Nathan Brindle, Jim Dillman, Jim Hogg, Fred Kleyn and Jay Hochberg all here.

I'm writing this in snatches between events, so bear with me.

We have a table set up in the vendor's area and are signing up new members at a rapid clip. The acceptance by the fraternity in such a short time has been nothing short of astonishing and gratifying. And for us to be a part of the Masonic Week program just eight months after opening our doors is amazing. Many thanks to Billy Koon and Paul Newhall for their kindness and assistance.

We have a hospitality room — Room 2012, the Mayan Calendar End of the World Suite, so please join us in the evenings after your banquets and other festivities.

Our guest speaker for Friday's banquet has arrived, noted Masonic author and researcher Yasha Beresiner. Yasha is great fun and a true Renaissance Man, and we are all looking forward to his address.

A group of us are heading for what is becoming an annual gathering at Gadsby's Tavern of the Knights of the North & Friends to discuss the future of traditional observance-style lodges and other heresies. This was a major highlight of last year, and promises to be another evening of great food and friendships. This is truly a stimulating group of Masons to be associated with.

Meanwhile, stop by the table, buy a book from the Dummy, take this last chance to sign up as a new founding member of The Masonic Society, or just say hello.

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