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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes

Look out, Shelock Holmes fans. Director Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr. spoke yesterday at London's Freemasons Hall on Great Queen Street about their new, big budget screen version of the stories of Sherlock Holmes. Some scenes for the film will be shot at the United Grand Lodge of England's London headquarters.

Jude Law will play Dr John Watson; Kelly Reilly will play Watson's love interest, Mary; Rachel McAdams will play Irene Adler "The Woman"; and Mark Strong as Blackwood. No mention of Moriarty.

With Ritchie at the helm, it will be a big, budget, high-action affair. I'm not sure the Baker Street Irregulars are quite ready for that.

Still hard to beat "Murder By Decree."

Photo: LtoR - Guy Ritchie, Kelly Reilly, Robert Downey Jr, Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong


  1. Must... avoid... cocaine... jokes...

  2. I read somewhere that Downey has been sober for some time now, but I don't know that for sure...

    ~ Vitruvius ~

  3. Very cool. Guy Ritchie, hehehe, maybe Brad Pitt will reprise his role as "Mickey the Pikey". ;)

  4. I've been pretty impressed with Robert Downy Jr. lately.

    I have to admit that when I first read the title, I thought it read "Morton Downey Jr." and I almost spit my coffee....

  5. His trips to the pokey aside, I have too. And he's nailed the English accent in both Chaplin and Restoration, so this won't be a Kevin Costner/Robin Hood fiasco.

    But I didn't see who the writer is.

    If it's the Wibberleys, it;'s DOA...


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