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Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks, Century No. 764

Many thanks to the brethren of Century Lodge No. 764 in Indianapolis for their kind invitation to speak to their homecoming dinner last night at Broadmoor Country Club. The food was excellent, and the fellowship was even better.

Century was established in 1998 and was chartered in 2000 so as to be the first new lodge in Indiana to be chartered in the new century—hence the name. It was formed to break the mold of the cookie-cutter lodge in Indiana, and pioneered the use of innovations that seem more commonplace now, but that shocked and appalled the established methods for stated meetings (executive business meetings separate from the monthly stated meeting; actually having a quality dinner out at fine restaurants instead of suspicious cold cuts on paper plates; insisting on a dress code; and more). Without Century, our own Vitruvian No. 767 would have had a tougher time breaking the established mold in Indiana.

Thanks especially to my friend and brother Carson Smith, Century's Senior Warden, for suggesting me as their speaker.

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