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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

R. Theron Dunn Passes Away

At 1 PM PT, this message has arrived from James Dunn:

I am sorry to say that R. Theron Dunn has passed away this afternoon. His family was at his side. Thank You for yours and all the well wishes

James Dunn

Farewell, my friend. Enter thou into the joys of thy Lord.


  1. Take your rest Brother, through the ups and downs you have earned it.


  2. "This once busy brain is still and dead. It will scheme and plan no more. Its work, for good or ill, is done.

    May the grace of our Father who is in Heaven bless the soul of which it was the instrument!

    These eyes will no more look upon the sun, the stars or the earth, or the faces of other men. May the grace of our Father who is in Heaven make our Brother to see the truth more clearly in the new life!

    This cheek will no more feel the pressure of the lips of love, nor blush with shame, nor red with anger. It is cold and white and lifeless as marble. May our Father who is in Heaven be gracious unto our Brother, and give to him a spiritual body, warm with the rosy hues of eternal life!

    This mouth will speak no more to anyone in this world. What it hath said of good, may our Father who is in Heaven make to bear good fruit!

    What ill, may he make to work no harm and be forgotten!
    This heart no longer beats. It has counted all the moments of our Brother’s life, and stopped forever. No feeling or affection is its tenant now. May our Father who is in Heaven forgive the weaknesses and reward the generous loving kindness of our Brother!

    The work of these hands is done. May our Brother. For all the true and earnest work they did, find favor with our Father who is Heaven!

    The feet of our Brother will go no more upon errands of mercy, nor follow the dead to the grave, nor tread, bleeding, the flinty paths of life. Their work also is done, and for good or ill remaineth forever. May our Father who is in Heaven be gracious unto our Brother, and keep our feet in true way!

    Let us, very dear Brethren, who are Freemasons, and who place our trust in God, most reverently thank Him that, although we shall greatly miss our friend, and our hearts will for some time be very heavy, because of our sudden separation from him, and our deprivation of friendly intercourse and companionship, we nevertheless are comforted, because we do firmly believe that the separation is not final, and that when for us, in our turn, the dark day of death shall have come, it will soon seem us as if that separation had never been.

    Our intellects, our knowledge, our virtues and our affections are not to be no more after the end of this life, and those whom we shall leave behind us when the Angel of death calls us away, will not lose us forever, but will come to us after a while, and be with us in our other life.

    We will lay, tenderly and reverently this body of our Brother in the bosom of the earth, its great Mother. Let the tears of love raining upon it hallow his grave! Then leave it lying there in its bed of honor! If the snows spread for a time their white mantle over it, they, too, will soon dissolve into tears; and when the fair days of spring return again, and time begins to soften sorrow into a more measured grief, the grass watered by tears will grow upon it, and the flowers planted by gentle hands will bloom there; and round it for long years his virtues will keep ward, ranked as a guard of immortal honor! May our Father who is in Heaven give unto him eternal rest!"

  3. Posted elsewhere by his WM:

    "At about 12:20 PM, Tuesday, May 13, at Kaiser Hospital in Riverside, Ca, Our Brother, Theron Dunn joined the Great Arcitect in the Universe in HIS Lodge.

    Our Brother faught a good fight, but his body could no longer put up that fight. All will be pleased to know he had no pain or suffering in his last days. And I believe the last face he saw was that of his Loving Wife, Barbara. During his time in the hospital, she stood valiatnly at his side.

    It was his wish that his body be cremated and there will be a Memorial Service in the next month or so. I will give you as much notice as possible, as to the location, date and time of the event. It WILL be a Masonic Memorial Service held within a Lodge of Master Masons. The wishes and desires of our departed Brother, his family and Masonry in general are all being considered. I am assuming there will be quite a number of you attending and will do all in our power to provide for Brother Theron; a replica of the Masonic Funeral he witnessed when his Grandfather passed away a number of years ago. That funeral was the reason he sought out Masonry.

    Our Brother, was loved and honored by many around the Globe. He worked hard in the Lodges of our District and he loved the Craft like many of us do, with our whole hearts. He may have had his controversial moments, but no one could ever accuse him of being "disconnected".

    So we just stay to him
    "Until then, my Brother, until then; FAREWELL

    Please let the family have room to deal with the such sudden loss of their loved one. I know I type this each time, but they really do need time to digest what's just happened to their lives and as our family, they deserve our respect in that way.

    I will keep you posted as to any other information I receive."

  4. His refreshment is well deserved. Well done Brother, well done.

  5. Soft and safe to thee, my brother, be thy resting place! Fragrant be the acacia sprig that there shall flourish! Until another time, dear brother, until then, farewell.

    Enoch Rodriguez
    Phoenix Lodge No. 8 AF&AM
    Fayetteville, North Carolina

  6. Well done, good and faithful servant...

  7. ... now enter unto the joy of the Lord.


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