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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Email Scam: Freemason Society of Bournemouth

A message from Brother Victor Sereno in Britain warns of a Masonic email scam making the rounds:

I have been told of a scam which seems to be aimed at US brn.
There is a message purporting to come from the Freemason Society of Bournemouth offering grants for masonic purposes.
This `society' doesn't exist; the telephone numbers are not local Bournemouth numbers.

It appears to be a phishing ploy.

Please delete such an `offer' if you receive it.

See the 3rd Annual Nigerian Email Conference.


  1. The scam folks try similar stuff with churches all of the time. Thanks for the alert.

  2. Good morning to every brother whithersoever dispersed!!!

    A friend of mine forwarded an email that was sent to him mentioning of USD1.5 million grant from the Freemason society of Bournemouth also mentioning the name of a Master Nicholas Brenner. The sender is Juan Bautista arrien, Grandlodge Office Co-secretary's. The tel. nos. are 44-7024-067-787 and 44-7006-079-215 Jsc@urban.pku.edu.cn also Barr Martin Bowen at Martinbowenlinked@live.com

    Bro. Edmund S. Pedro
    Gonzaga Lodge No. 67
    Under the jurisdiction of
    The Grandlodge of the Philippines
    Tel. +63 74-3009946/74-3009944 or +63927-8710838

  3. Good morning to every brother whithersoever dispersed!!!

    Just received a forwarded email from a friend who received it, mentioning of a USD1.5 Million grant by the Freemason Society of Bournemouth. The email was sent by a certain Juan Bautista Arrien, Grandlodge office co-secretary's Tel. No. 44-7024-067-787 and 44-7006-079-215. JSC@urban.pku.edu.cn by Barn Martin Bowen at Martinbowenlinked@live.com

    Good you have this email scam warning. Thank you and I will warn my friend on this.

    Bro. Edmund S. Pedro
    Gonzaga Lodge No. 67
    Under the Jurisdiction of
    The Grandlodge of the Philippines
    Tel No. +63 74-3009946/74-3009944
    Cell No. +63927-8710838
    Email: taurus21esp@yahoo.com


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