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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Planning Our Road Trip East

Alice, Wiley and I will hit the road Friday for Burlington, New Jersey where I'll be speaking at the Feast of St. John Dinner on Saturday. On Sunday, we turn north and drive to Salem, Massachusetts so Alice can finish some final research on her novel.

No, it's not about witchcraft. Thanks for asking.

And I want to stop at Lexington, Massachusetts and see the Scottish Rite NMJ Museum, since we'll be right there. After that, we'll head back home by cutting across upstate New York. We've never been through that part of the country, and something in me wants to pass through Batavia, just to say I've done it.

Anyhow, were planning our route. So is there anything great sight we shouldn't miss? We have a little flexibility in our return schedule, so drop me a line and let me hear from you.


  1. As a life-long resident of the northeast, I will suggest that in NJ, you head north after you pass the Tappen Zee bridge, on 87 to 287, and then to 684 in White Plains. Head north to 84 East in Brewster, then catch 91 in Hartford. There will be less traffic than on 95. I try to avoid 95 whenever possible.

    Alternately, take 87 to 287 to 15, which is a 2 lane parkway. More traffic and slower speeds, but it's a nice drive, especially once you get into Connecticut. From there, you'll run into 91 north in Meriden - wave out the left window as you do, because I'll be just over that mountain in the distance.

  2. I can't imagine you haven't been there yet, but on the odd chance you have not, you must visit the Grand Lodge of New York, in Manhattan at 71 West 23rd Street (just east of 6th Avenue, or Avenue of the Americas, as it is on the maps). Magnificent lodge rooms in multiple styles. Enjoy

  3. I haven't. Unfortunately, we're driving through NYC on Sunday. Feh. That's another trip.

  4. Tom,
    We wound up sticking with turnpikes the whole way. Traffic was no problem, because we didn't leave Burlington until 8PM, and because WE DROVE IN A BLOODY ICE STORM ALL THE WAY TO MASSACHUSETTS! Five hour trip took ten by the time we arrived.



    Didn't I mention that we have this thing called "weather" here in New England?


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