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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Give Thanks Tomorrow

The 2006 Thanksgiving crew.

Broad Ripple Lodge No. 643 will again be participating in the Indianapolis Prince Hall Thanksgiving dinner program this year. Like last year, the program hopes to serve hundreds of meals to the homeless, shut-ins and others who would otherwise not have a Thanksgiving dinner – an annual tradition that began back in 1983. Broad Ripple #643 is honored to again be a part of it.

To my Indianapolis brethren, if you can spare just a short time away from your family on Thanksgiving morning between about 9 AM and noon, stop in at the lodge at 22nd and Central Avenue, and just pick up one box of dinners to deliver. You'll find appreciative brethren there, and a cheerful chaos of cooks, servers, drivers and interested bystanders. And you'll find a grateful stranger on the other side of a door, truly thankful for your brief effort.

It will give you much to thank the GAOTU for when you sit down at your own table that afternoon.

Many thanks to Wbro. Wilson Lorick and the brethren of Fidelity Lodge No. 55 for their invitation to us again this year.

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